We are focused on giving you the best quality and service

Our Quality

We specialize in that personal touch, the kind of service and quality that you don't get from the others. The products we source are different: made from higher quality materials, sustainable recycled wood, from sources that treat their employees right. We do all the sourcing ourselves, ensuring the materials and manufacturing process is of the highest standards of excellence. We are our own importer, so there is no middle-man marking up the prices. We provide excellent rates on everything we sell.

Advanced safety

At Findermall, safety is our number one priority. All our products strictly adhere to USA safety standards to provide you with peace of mind that they have invested in a dresser that offers optimum safety, practicality, and freedom for you.

What we do


We contract only professional freight and local delivery companies with years of industry experience to deliver your furniture. We do drop-ship as many online furniture companies do. All orders ship from our warehouse. We own our warehouses and the logistics system. We know the flaws and problems and have built a system that accounts for these problems so we can deliver furniture to our customers undamaged, fast, and safely.
We have heard the voice of the people. Every day, we strive to ensure a 5-star experience for our customers. We will do whatever it takes to make things right if we make a mistake.

The Findermall furniture company believes that the home of every individual should be loved by everyone.  By delighting customers at every turn, Findermall Furniture is transforming the way people shop for furniture, from product discovery to delivery.