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Frequently Asked Chairs Questions

Glvee's chairs
Comfortable chairs make you enjoy life better. Using Glvee's high quality comfortable chairs is conducive to a harmonious home atmosphere, whether you are looking for a high quality office chair, a comfortable and warm sofa chair, or a casual and portable outdoor chair, we can provide you with everything you want.

How to clean the chair
For cloth chairs, you should use a water solution and a few drops of detergent for topical cleaning as needed, or you can vacuum weekly to remove dirt and dust; for wooden chairs, you can buy special wood cleaners; for plastic chairs, just wipe the stained part to keep the surface of the chair clean.

What fabric to choose for your chairs
For chairs that are used frequently, you need to choose a durable material. If your chair is moderately used, a thick cotton fabric used for upholstery is a good choice. Plus, this fabric can be easily cleaned with stain removers. If your chairs are used less often, linen is a great heavyweight fabric that is not only environmentally friendly, but also very resistant to stains. If you prefer a more traditional look, leather chairs are within your range of options. Leather and faux leather materials are not only durable, but they also age more slowly.