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Frequently Asked Decoration Questions

Glvee's Decoration
The decorations include not only wall decorations, but also floor decorations, table decorations and outdoor decorations. Whether it's a clock, mirror, rug or anything you can think of, it's something that can be brought together to transform your room. At Glvee, you can find everything you like and make your home look impressive with Glvee products.

Where to hang wall decorations?
Usually you'll find wall art as well as decorations above the sofa, on the fireplace hood, in the dining room, on the stairs and above the bed. These arrangements are trustworthy and usually create the perfect, balanced composition for wall decor. But that doesn't mean you have to follow these rules! In some homes, you'll find kitchen wall decor that ranges from photos to wall mirrors. In other places, you'll find fun, relaxing paintings or artwork in the powder room. Simply look at the walls of each room to showcase a part of your personality.

The best place to add a clock?
You can add a decorative clock almost anywhere. Hang a large wall clock above the sofa, place one on the fireplace mantel, put one in the dining room or create a gallery wall - the possibilities are endless. These display locations are trustworthy and will not go out of style. You can think of wall clocks as artwork and seat clocks, just like another decorative piece you can place on an accent table. Just look at the empty walls and spaces in the room for a chance to display a beautiful ticking clock.