About Us

Warm home - comfortable home!

Glvee proposes a dual-home strategy, with "warm home, comfortable home" as the core slogan.
On the one hand, it brings warmth to young people who rent, providing them with a "warm home"; on the other hand, it provides a "comfortable home" for people who pursue quality life.
We meet the needs of different consumption levels from multiple angles. The ultimate goal is to bring people the ultimate comfortable "home" living experience.

About Us

Glvee is an e-commerce website, founded in 2016. Initially, we mainly deal with shoe cabinets, bedside tables, dressers and other indoor furniture. After continuous development, we have expanded our business to outdoor garden series since 2018.

Now we have own manufacturing facilities and a network of many trusted quality partners around the world (USA, Australia, Canada, UK,etc.) designed to create the ultimate comfortable shopping experience for you.

Glvee leads the way in creating exceptional experiences by offering a range of architectural, furniture and technology products and services designed to provide people with comfort.

We love spaces that feel put together but livable - traveling with a personal point of view. We believe that home should be a welcoming oasis - your favorite place to rest, gather and live the good life every day. At Glvee, we don't just do the right thing, we do the best thing - our main concept is environmentally friendly home: wood is alive, reasonable felling and extraction, low-carbon green production process, and the advantage of easy recycling, maximize the retention of the original wood texture, so that the traditional craftsmanship in a new form of design to reflect the value.Our corporate vision is bringing quality furniture into everyone's home.

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