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No display of logistics information / no update of logistics information for a long time

Some goods are shipped from overseas warehouses and need to be transported by sea. The time of sea transportation is not controllable and takes some time, usually 30 days will arrive on land and 1-7 days to deliver.

How long does it usually take to deliver?

Goods stored in different warehouses, delivery time varies, generally 1-15 days delivery, do not exclude the possibility of the epidemic reasons can not be shipped. Overseas warehouses need about 30 days to reach the land, local warehouses can be delivered within 7 days.

What to do if you accidentally click to receive the goods

Confirming receipt in advance but not receiving the goods does not affect the delivery. We will still ship the item for you after confirming receipt.

How to change your address

Before delivery you want to modify the address can contact us by email, we will modify the correct address for you free of charge. After the goods have been shipped, the address can not be changed in transit, you can contact the courier to change to the correct address when delivered, but you need to pay the logistics company a shipping fee, our company will not charge any fees, but also will not return the previous shipping fee.

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